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Over the last few years car detailing has really taken off. Whilst valeting can yield great results there are people who want perfection (or as near as can be achieved) both externally i.e paintwork, and interior. This can consist of machine polishing, wet sanding (orange peel removal), ceramic coatings and on the interior we will deliver a level 10 service for you. Mostly aimed at high end or classic/collector cars we have seen a gradual spread to more customers wanting this on their daily drivers. Some people will have come here knowing exactly what they want whilst others may just be curious as to what we can acheive with your vehicle, so please read on and if you need any information, just use our contact page.


What is a Ceramic Coating?

What is a 9H ceramic coating?

The easiest way is to understand Ceramics Coatings are to think of them as a second layer of skin, or a sacrificial layer of protection over your car’s clearcoat. They utilize nanotechnology, which are essentially tiny particles that form a very fine, thin layer completely invisible to the eye. Because these particles are so small, when applied to a surface, they seal all the pores making the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat and even anti-graffiti. This 9H ceramic layer is completely transparent. The nano ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond with a vehicle’s surface, resulting in a ‘sacrificial’ layer that will not wash away under cleaning or rain, or break down over a short period of time. In fact, usually, it lasts years. They repel dirt and water like nothing else, which makes them easier to clean. Their hardness helps to prevent swirl marks and marring from washing.


UV Protection; Longevity; Better Scratch Resistance; Water Behaviour; Less Effort once applied.

What Does a Nano Ceramic Coating Do?

, Otherwise known as being very water repellent. An important feature of a nano Ceramic Coating is that it is hydrophobic.  This basically means that water will be repelled instantaneously. When your car is ceramic coated, the incredible hydrophobic effect of the coating will cause water to bead up and roll of the surface along with most dirt, grime, or mud (as it has all been unable to bond to your vehicle’s paint).  Mud & Dirt Repellent
Ceramic paint coating works much harder at protecting the surface of your vehicle than an ordinary paint job. Rain and water bead as opposed to accumulating on the surface.

Protection from UV Damage / Oxidization / Rust

Vehicles often exposed to the sun will start seeing the paint fade and look dull. This is caused by the sun’s ultraviolet sunrays, which causes oxidation to the car’s paint. By adding a layer of Ceramic Coating to your paint, you can dramatically reduce the oxidation.. Improved Durability
Ceramic coatings works much harder at protecting the surface of your vehicle than an ordinary paint job. The new coating bonds with the molecular structure of your car’s paint and can’t be dislodged by vibrations or external force, meaning it lasts years not months.

How long will it last?

Lots of factors will affect its life expectancy but most manufacturers and detailers offer varying levels of guarantee from 6 months to 5 years plus. Ceramics are not apply and forget, like everything, they need to be maintained and checked regularly to ensure that they have no damage, normally inflicted by poor wash technique! The most important thing in ceramics is application, having the most expensive coating available, but poorly applied is as bad as nothing at all. So some of the costs will apply to the machine polishing and what you want your finished paintwork to look like, as always, preparation is the key!!!

What will it cost?

Ceramic coating and its preparation are very time consuming, the paint must be in the best possible condition and completely contaminant free to get the benefits. This means there can be many hours in machine polishing before any coating can be applied so each vehicle will be priced on an “as seen” basis, but prices for even a basic level of paint enhancement will start around £150 + £150 for basic coating, depending on condition.


Probably what most people think about when the word "detailing" is mentioned. Over the last few years a miriade of machines, pads and compounds  have came onto the market with the intention of increasing the depth and gloss of paint to a mirror like finish. What you must understand in detailing is we are only improving the top layer (usually the clearcoat) if your vehicle was manufactured within the last 15 years. Pad and compound combination is very much a little trial and error as all clearcoats vary in "hardness" from different manufacturers and this then leads on to the perfect finish, or as near as possible given the original condition of the paint. Machining is a very time heavy job so each vehicle needs to be seen and an assessment made before a cost can be given. For more info, or a free quote, just phone, text or e mail and we can come to your location.


Orange peel in paint is easily seen on a clear sunny day when the reflection looks mottled. For a while BMW etc, were bad for this, not so much now, but this problem is not limited to one manufacturer. Where most owners can identify the problem they are less likely to want to witness the rectification as we start rubbing down their pride and joy with wet & dry sandpaper!! Believe us, wet sanding is nothing new, some bodyshops have been doing it for years and the amount of clearcoat removed is virtually undetectable.....if done correctly, please don't try this yourself unless you are confident as a respray is on the cards very quickly if it goes wrong!! We are fully trained and insured to bring your pride and joy up to show standard.


Your wheels are the most abused part of your car on its daily drive, repeated stop starts, braking and dust all quickly accumulate on your wheels. Brake pads have tiny fragments of iron in them to help grip the brake disc, once those brakes are up to temp, nearly 500 c, those particles start flying around, mostly imbeding themselves in the top layer of your wheel. You can see why wheels very quickly become dirty and hard to clean as normal shampoo will not remove iron, so then you start using heavier chemicals to try and clean them, so before long your nice sparkling wheels are looking tarnished and still not easy to clean!! The answer is simple, protection, be it ceramic or sealant the choice is up to you but we think it should be the first thing to consider on your car. Got new wheels, easy, bring them to us and we will ceramic coat them before they come under attack.


Everyone likes to see a nice clean engine bay,  especially after the rest of your car is A1!! Whilst most valeters will pressure wash your engine bay there is always the risk of water ingress, so we only ever use steam and biodegradable citrus cleaners around the bay. So if you want it done correctly, the first time, drop us a text and see the difference.


Whilst the technology and products have moved forward at a tremendous speed over the last 5 years, you need to be aware that there is a limit as to what can be acheived through the detailing world. Anything deeper than to the undercoat is going to require some serious remedial action, but on saying this many customers are amazed at what we have acheived for them, as you can see in the pics below. Why not give us a try and we will be as honest as possible about what we think can be acheived before the outset.

Headlight Restoration

So many myths suround bringing lights back to there original clarity and while we would like to add our piece to it we will stick to the facts.
Basically your lights are coated with an ultraviolet protection layer which through time breaks down and then leaves a layer which looks like a haze over them. The only way to repair this is to wet sand until the coating is removed, polish up and add a protection back over them. Sometimes easier said than done, but the outcome can be an amazing transformation.